*2bar2Ranch is pleased to offer an outstanding calf crop this year.......And we are always expecting more!      Check back with us soon!
Please don't hesitate to contact us for current prices on our cattle.
2bar2 India
CV Casanovas Magnum X RML Jammin Safari
DOB October 20, 2016
*Exposed to El Tigre
2bar2 Zulu
CV Casanovas Magnum X HL African Lady
DOB Nov. 28, 2016
*Exposed to El Tigre
2bar2 Delta
RRR Dagger's Edge X I Respect Diamonds
DOB Dec. 28, 2016
*Exposed to El Tigre
2bar2 Foxtrot
RRR Dagger's Edge X YO Super Shake
DOB April 25, 2017
*Exposedto CV Casanovas Magnum
2bar2 Tango
CV Casanovas Magnum X RM PAT
DOB April 24, 2017
*Exposed to RRR Dagger's Edge
Lili Von Shtupp
SH Zydeco King X SH Dona Sparkle
DOB 12/1/2014
*Exposed to CV Casanovas Magnum
Sweet Rio Charlotte
JP Rio Grande X PC Awesome Crystal
DOB 1/26/2015
*Exposed to CV Casanovas Magnum
RRR Dagger's Edge X BRR Grand Illusion
DOB Jan. 7, 2018
*Exposed to purebred Angus bull
RML Jammin Safari / longhorn cows for sales
Blu Safari Splash/ longhorn cow for sale
RML Jammin Safari
Grande Safari Chex X WS Jamin
DOB 5/19/2012
*Exposed to Casanovas Magnum
Blue Safari Splash
ASOCL Unstopabull Chex X JP Grand Safari
DOB 11/10/2010
*Exposed to purebred Angus bull
Sweet Rio Charlotte Sept2018
2bar2 India mar2019
2bar2 Delta /Mar2019
2bar2 Zulu/ Mar2019
RRR Dagger's Edge X Parker's Cookie
DOB Oct. 23, 2018
RRR Dagger's Edge X I Respect Diamonds
DOB Jan. 24, 2018
2bar2 Foxtrot mar2019
Lili Von Shtupp March2019
2019 longhorn heifer for sale
2bar2 Tango/ Casanovas Magnum heifer/ for sale/ June2019
Intoxicating / June2018
Serene Pony /Mar2019
Respect Me X White Lightning 240
DOB 4/07/2014
*Exposed to CV Casanovas Magum
Serene Pony
Capone X Serenity Now
DOB 1/29/2011
*Exposed to El Tigre
RM PAT 457/ June 2017
RM PAT 457
Touchdown of RM X Texana Teardrop
DOB 4/07/2007
*Exposed to CV Casanovas Magnum
HL African Lady/ photo taken Feb.2017
HL African Lady
KC Just Respect X African Charmer
DOB 8/24/2010
*Exposed to CV Casanovas Magnum